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Brodick Post Office is now offering a PC repair and upgrade service. Cams has many years of experience in building and fixing PCs. He is a geek at heart and enjoys getting his sleeves rolled up and solving PC troubles.

If your PC is running slow, it may benefit greatly from an upgrade. Common upgrades are RAM and processors (CPUs). Or, if you’re running out of space, why not install an additional hard disk?

Worried about losing data? Cams is knowledgeable about back-up solutions and can offer advice to suit all budgets, from automatically uploading new and changed files to the cloud to backing up across a home network or synchronizing data on two or more computers via the Internet.

Cams can also provide web hosting, web design and email advice.

Cams has particular knowledge of building very quiet PCs or switching noisy components in a PC for quiet ones. You wouldn’t believe the difference that swapping fans and adding an after-market heat sink can make to the tranquility of your office or home computing space.

Call Cams on 303623 (Post Office) or 601263 (home) for a free consultation.